Values and their meaning
at Galanti Sudri

We believe that constant learning launches us forward and enables us to reach an ever higher standard. We at Galanti Sudri have adopted the daily learning and training method as a part of our work routine. Individual learning takes place in every case, from the beginning to the end, even if the subject has been examined by the office before. Every case is observed using a holistic, multi-disciplinary perspective, based on our expertise in the complementary practice areas.

We are not satisfied with just knowing the laws and their interpretations- we generate new and different point of views on the same issue which lead us to new insights on the existing knowledge. We act proactively, we encourage thinking on the same issue in diverse manners, and we always seek new legal interpretations regarding the issue that we are looking into.

Determination is a process of trial and error, repair, retry and back again. We believe that obstacles are an important part of the journey, and are often what makes us seek solutions relentlessly. Determination is running the marathon until the finish line, while overcoming the obstacles with hard team work. We know that the seemingly impossible, unconventional solutions are not achieved overnight and we are prepared for this process in each and every single case.

Knowledge (expertise)
These days, business environment is dynamic and ever changing, flooded with knowledge and regulation, an environment where most of the legal problems are multi-disciplinary and require thorough knowledge and treatment beyond the practice area in question. It is crucial to understand the practice areas in their broader aspects, including complementary areas. Multi-disciplinary knowledge maximizes the clients' odds of engaging in the optimal transaction.

Partnership and involvement
In our eyes, the clients are the knowledge center in everything that concerns their affairs. We see them as a part of the team. Their personal knowledge, along with the general and legal knowledge of the office team, lead to new insights which contain the unique solution that we strive to find and win with.
The values of partnership and involvement also exist among the office's lawyers, using a work method that is based on colleague support, sharing, brainstorming, dialoguing and cross-fertilization.

Sticking to ethical values is mandatory for the entire team at Galanti Sudri: Respecting the profession, respecting clients and colleagues, having personal and professional integrity and using a proper, respectful language.
Reliability and respect are at the heart of our professional philosophy. We would rather give up a case than create a conflict of interests. Even in situations that are allowed by the Bar Association, the office will not represent two parties of the same transaction.

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