Office Team

Galanti Sudri office team believe in legal vision which breaches the limits of existing knowledge.
We at Galanti Sudri have adopted a learning method designed to nourish creative thinking outside the office team's box. Constant learning enables us to always discover new sides of the law and prepare ourselves to the case in question.

The work process in the office encourages independent, free and critical thinking among the lawyers and office team, while presenting the clients with an array of opinions and possibilities.

We encourage employees to broaden their knowledge beyond the office's practice areas. Each person brings into our partnership their experience and specialty from their other occupations. Adv. Sudri, for example, practices music and is a talented Saxophone player in a Jazz band. Adv.

We at Galanti Sudri believe that obstacles are an important part of the journey, and are often what makes us seek out solutions relentlessly. Determination is running a marathon until reaching the finish line.

This is how the office (firm) supplies its clients with new and innovative solutions, while enabling them to see the range of possibilities that they have. We facilitate the individual development of each and every one in the office team, so that they can possess high self-esteem and an internal power source which makes them feel capable of thinking creatively.

The Clients
We see the office clients as the highest ranking partners.
At Galanti Sudri, the client is an active partner and a vital part of the office team.
We believe the clients to be the ultimate knowledge source in order to solve their issues. They know and understand their personal matters in the best possible way, and this knowledge combined with the office team members' legal and general knowledge generates new insights- that lead to the unique solution which we strive to achieve.

The office clients- which include leading government owned companies, real estate groups, private incorporations, private companies, small businesses and private clients- receive comprehensive care of all legal needs within the office practice areas.  


Mr. Niv Galanti, Adv. Mr. Niv Galanti, Adv.
Specializes in contracts law, corporate law, real estate and planning and construction >> Read more

Mr. Barak Sudri, Adv. & Notary Mr. Barak Sudri, Adv. & Notary
Specializes in drafting all kinds of commercial agreements, real estate and real estate taxation, litigation, execution procedures, legal and commercial negotiation, Labour Law Inheritance Law and Tender Law >> Read more


Mr. Avraham Peter Rand, Adv. Mr. Avraham Peter Rand, Adv.
Specializes in litigation, Torts and Labor Law. >> Read more

Mrs. Limor Krainer, Adv. Mrs. Limor Krainer, Adv.
Specializes in Contracts Law and commercial real estate >> Read more


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