Renewable Energy

The renewable energies area is one of the most important developing area in the modern society. Environment law has undergone major changes in the last decade, and is now a crucial element of the modern fabric of life and the contemporary business environment. Environment law can on the one hand facilitate the growth of businesses (it is one of the most profitable developing business areas nowadays), but on the other hand it brings extensive regulation and binds existing businesses to comply with these new terms.

Galanti Sudri & Datz is one of the leading law offices in the renewable energies area. The office team possesses rich experience and knowledge in all matters concerning activity in the Israeli energy field, including extensive understanding of the regulation in this area.

The legal teams in the office are active players in the formation of regulation in the area, and they take part in processes that have led and are still leading to major changes in the Israeli energies industry in the past decade. The office team receives great professional appreciation, both from the business community in the renewable energies area and from the relevant decision makers.

The office operates synergistically, while integrating different knowledge areas required for projects in this field. As a result, Galanti Sudri & Datz office provides comprehensive consulting in all aspect of a renewable energies project.

Among the main services provided by our office in this area:


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