Administrative Law and Regulation

Interacting with regulatory entities and authorities is often a mandatory part of the business environment in Israel.

Galanti Sudri law office practices in all regulatory issues, starting at local municipality and through national matters related to the different government ministries. Our office provides comprehensive legal services which even cover communicative and political aspects of the administrative issue.

Our office team has extensive experience in handling constitutional and administrative petitions at the High Court of Justice, and is also experienced in ongoing interaction with different administrative entities and authorities, including the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry for Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources, the electricity authority and different local authorities.

Our office representatives take an active part in drafting and forming rules and regulations; they participate in Knesset discussions and committees and act as members in public committees. Advocate and architect Lior Datz, a partner in the office, is a former member of the National Council for Planning and Construction and is a political-strategic adviser. Adv. Ginat is formerly the head of the property tax appeals committee of the city of Haifa and Adv. Peter Rand is a former police prosecutor.
Our office constantly presents considerable administrative and constitutional issues for the Supreme Court to decide. Among others, the office team was involved in the first petition where the High Court of Justice decided, in a broadened composition of judges, that there is room for invalidation of a law that contradicted Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty. We are currently waiting for a Supreme Court decision regarding the constitutional validity of administrative collection proceedings taken by water corporations. The office team has also questions in various courts the legality of betterment and property taxes for solar facilities. The office team was involved in all legislation and regulation processes related to the renewable energy area in different authorities and even initiated some of them.

Administrative and constitutional law litigation

Strategic counseling in assorted regulation and legislation issues


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