Planning and Construction

Galanti Sudri law office practice also in the planning and construction area- one of the most intricate areas in the legal world.

Legal consulting in the area requires a deep understanding which stretches beyond the legal world's boundaries to the realms of architecture, government and politics.

It is safe to say that the law-planning-politics triangle includes the three most important components that constitute the entire planning and construction areas ("the holy trinity"). Extensive professional knowledge in these areas and the ability to manage the three of them simultaneously ensure an enhanced qualitative response for the clients. Omitting one of these components would harm the perfection of the process, just like geometric stability that requires three bases. 

The planning and construction department provides the following services:

Representation at property damage actions

Advising on land betterment

Strategically handling licensure and planning proceedings

Risk Management

Litigation at the planning authorities of all levels and at criminal and administrative proceeding

Municipal taxation and mandatory fees


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